The children of South
Africa deserve better

Students from more than 12,000 schools in our country do not have access to safe,
hygienic toilets and risk falling into pit latrines every day. We are here to change that.

Donors can claim their Section 18A certificates by donating to us:
PBO reference number 930073714.

We want students to have access to clean, safe and private toilets.

We are a registered non-profit company and have been working tirelessly to develop a complete, hygienic sanitation solution for South African schools.

We aim to provide dignity and convenience to students and teachers without impacting their environment.

Every year 300,000 children die due to poor sanitation…

Sanitation Ambassadors is committed to providing safer sanitation infrastructure in schools!

Bye bye pit latrines!

King of thrones

Introducing our hybrid UDDT

This Swedish designed hybrid toilet utilises the most logical and cost-effective principles of waste management and separates the waste streams at source.

Housed in prefabricated WaSH Centres, designed with attention to detail and manufactured using innovative technology and materials. Each private toilet cubicle includes a basin and facilities that promote good hygiene and gender equality.

WaSH centres to
be proud of!

Designed by the kids for the kids. This innovative ablution facility is not only robust and virtually maintenance-free, it’s super easy to keep clean and hygienic. The standard cleaning procedure has been integrated into the design such as floor drains for quick, high pressure hose down.

The high-quality panels are made from
plastic that usually end up in landfills as it cannot be recycled. Essentially, each WaSH Centre is keeping 1.3 tons of plastic waste out of the landscape and out of the oceans!

The unit is delivered flat packed on site, with simple installation procedures, allowing the facilities to be erected in minimal time frames and to be scaled up to accommodate bigger communities and/or more services such as ablutions and laundry facilities.

Thanks to this efficient, prefabricated design, the cost of our WaSH Centres are approximately 25-40% lower than the most common solutions on the market for school ablution facilities.

The Resource Treatment Centre (RTC)™ is part of the Next Generation Sanitation solution and takes over from the antiquated and inefficient Wastewater Treatment Plants of the 20th century.

These RTC’s are placed strategically to service the communities using the hybrid toilet systems, or any CBS toilets they prefer.

Complete this spreadsheet for a basic costing for your school:

We want to help as much as we can!

Sanitation Ambassadors will promote their mandate to create jobs and up-skill rural populations by identifying, recruiting, and training local community members to build, manage and maintain the facilities. We already have several partners in South Africa and Sweden who are either donating or partially subsidising components of the system, as well as the development of specific products to create efficient and environmentally sound processes.

From transportation of the boxes to the RTC using solar-powered electric trucks, to rainwater systems and tanks to custom-designed collection boxes made of recycled materials and biodegradable faecal bags from BASF, each link in the value chain is considered according to its impact on the broader environment.

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