Sanitation Ambassadors offers a complete, affordable Reinvented Sanitation solution that not only addresses the sanitation crisis here in South Africa, but also the unemployment crisis, the education crisis and the developing crisis in agriculture, particularly regarding soil degradation and food security.

The world of sanitation is a confusing place.
We all need to go.
But nobody wants to talk about it.
We all have different needs and expectations and habits, at different times.
But nobody wants to talk about it!
Most people just want to flush and forget.

But as of today, with over 8 billion of us consuming this planet, this is no longer possible or acceptable. We need to reduce our ecological footprint or face the dire predictions.

The relationship of SDG 6 with other SDGs:

At Sanitation Ambassadors, an organisation operating in the Sanitation and Waste Management space, we believe that to survive and evolve, our species needs to revolve.

To think, turn around, close the loop, and embrace the circular economy. 

And, because it is so inextricably linked to our quality of life, no-where is this new paradigm shift more urgent than the emotive and often political world of sanitation. And it’s not just about reinventing the toilet, we need to reinvent the whole sanitation value chain to achieve our Sustainable Development Goals.

We are building resilient communities for a changing world.
“Charity can’t get people out of poverty.
Unlocking their spirit of enterprise can.”
Jack Sim, World Toilet Organisation
Jack Sim, World Toilet Organisation
We provide WaSH centres that people can be proud of!
Specifically aimed at schools to create the biggest impact on society, we install innovative ablution facilities, housing hygienic, upmarket Urine Diverting Dry Thrones (UDDT), designed to recover nutrients and organic matter which is collected, treated and processed by trained Sanitation Ambassadors as part of a focused entrepreneurial training program.

We don’t have time to write another report, it’s time to act. We need to look beyond the politics that have plagued our country’s past and paralyzed our progress.

Let’s get to work! Masingene emsebenzini!

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“The children and adults are over the moon with joy!

These toilets are enabling the children and staff to have a dignified, safe and healthy toilet experience, which is unheard of in our area. A toilet is one of the most important places, and yet people just take it for granted! ”

Dawn Brochenin – Ncinci Ones Montessori School in Coffee Bay

“Birger Lundgren is a colourful character; a serial entrepreneur and the inspiring founder of Sanitation Ambassadors.”

10 December 2022

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