Sanitation Ambassadors

Let’s get the facts straight

Sanitation in South African schools is a mess! According to a National Education Infrastructure Management report, more than 12 000 schools in South Africa use pit latrines which negatively affect the lives of 5 to 6 million children and teachers.

It’s our mission is to change sh*t and we hope we can make it yours too. With our WaSH Centres, a cleaner, safer and more dignified future is possible!


We've built
a real solution

After years of research and development in conjunction with a number of the world’s leading sanitation experts, we finally have a solution we can be proud of.
A solution that works for all!

Our affordable WaSH Centres and non-sewered sanitation system not only address the sanitation crisis, but also serve to address South Africa’s unemployment and education issues as well as the developing agricultural crises of soil degradation and food security.



Delivered flat packed on site and with simple installation procedures, the centre is quick to erect and can easily scale up to accommodate bigger schools and communities.



Thanks to this efficient, prefabricated design, the cost of our WaSH Centres are approximately 50% lower than the most common solutions on the market for school ablutions facilities.



More than making much, much better use of sh*t, each WaSH Centre saves hundreds of liters of water and kilograms of plastic waste from landfills, lanscapes and our oceans!

We’re treating the earth like sh*t

Pit latrines provide breeding grounds for bacteria that not only become exposed to users, but which seep into the surrounding soil and poison the water, soil, plants, livestock and eventually humans.

Even if our schools had the water available for flushing toilets, flushing sh*t away to wastewater treatment plants isn’t much better. Wasting incredible amounts of water and electricity, the alarming fact is that these plants treat effluent to some degree…but then discharge it into rivers and ocean to be absorbed by nature. Who wants to swim in sh*t?

Here’s our friend Francis de los Reyes giving a very quick but excellent TED Talk about the problem:

Sh*t as a resource?

Human waste is actually incredibly nutrient-rich and in the right curcumstance, can be very good for the earth and plant life. By separating liquids from solids at the source, we also make it possible to turn our waste into a variety of resource such as fuels, fertilisers and even building materials!

Here’s how our system works


The separate urine diversion section diverts the nutrient-rich urine to a holding tank or directly to a soakway in the ground.


The flush mechanism flushes 100ml of water into the pan to keep it clean, alternatively one can use grey-water pour-flush system.


The faeces drop through a chute into the containment box under the floor.


The box is accessed from outside the building by the janitor or, if the customer subscribes to the collection service, the Sanitation Ambassador.


Using basic AI technology, they monitor the boxes and receive alerts when they are ready to be cleaned and replaced.


The Sanitation Ambassador transports the contents to decentralised treament plants where it is treated, neutralising all pathogens and bacteria, and converted to other useful products.

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